Faced with the daunting task of deconstructing and totally redesigning the well-known ESRA Magazine that is loved by its readers whose average age is 70, my first concern was how to unify all the future issues with a single common denominator. It struck me that each issue showcased at least one type of artist or craftsperson, which led me to suggest that each cover could be graced with the works of another Israeli artist.
5 New Year Tips from a Graphic Designer for 2019
Instagram and Pinterest should be a paradise for us visually-driven beings. These platforms are made for the image to take center stage, with hashtags and captions trailing behind. And while many of the big companies have drool-worthy pages, some disappointingly let their brand down. So here are my tips for the latter in 2019.
1. Don’t overlook visual planning. 
I know you want to get your product/service on as many social media platforms as possible but take the time to see that there is a uniform visual language on all your pages. Ex: If your company colors are pink and orange, see that this is used throughout.
2. Pay attention to the quality of images you use. 
Remember, the visuals are what largely attracts your prospects on social media so use pixel-perfect, gorgeous images.  
3. Stick to a maximum of 2 fonts in a posting. 
Too many fonts compete for attention and can even land up overshadowing content. 
4. See that your content is easy to read. 
Sometimes when text of a certain color is placed over another solid color, it becomes difficult to decipher and the viewer will just move on as it’s too much of a strain.  
5. Don’t confuse your viewer with photographs and visuals which aren’t aligned with the message of your company. 
If you are selling a relaxing, new-age experience then make sure that the tones reflect that. 
Go ahead and follow these tips to create, grow and nurture your brand on social media – as you would in any other format. 
Happy 2019!
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