I was commissioned to illustrate a group of characters representing Confero UK's customer base; as well as individual illustrations for each of the company's products and services.
Confero's brief was to create a group of realistic-looking characters to represent their customers. Destined for the home page of the company's website, and the illustrations should include the company colors and enhance, but not detract from, the text.
Closeup of the final image.
Line drawings that I made in Illustrator, using a brush stroke with thin ends.
These were then copied to Photoshop, where I colored each character with
a more painterly type of brush.
Full figures of the characters in the front row.
Confero Color Palette
The characters for the front row, during the initial stages of coloring in Photoshop.
This is the final illustration which can be seen on the Confero Home Page.
The illustration was also printed onto a large canvas for display at Confero's offices.
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